Can We Not Open The Doors to Our Mind in 2020?

When we’re at work and have a serious task or challenge that occurs we take the necessary steps in advance to plan to make the job easier and more successful.

Likewise in small businesses that have a task or challenge in front of it, will plan and organise in advance to overcome these adversities as best they can.

We’ve got to boil the billy first before we have the tea.

We need to consciously make the decision in advance to go put the kettle on, then we get the outcome we require.

So why can’t governments make this common sense approach????

I was one of the very few on my blog, “The Speakers Crack” anywhere in Australia  dated 26th of August 2018 on my web page to make the call in advance that the Morrison Government would be returned by a slim majority.

Even the polls completely disagreed with me as did most commentators

My main reason for that was that the public had a total distaste for Bill Shorten full stop.

But he’s not there anymore!! –  and Prime Minister Morrison has been dragged kicking and screaming to the table to even mention the word “climate change,” and a Royal Commission when the facts are out there on the table already.  I ‘m sure there would be hundreds of experts been fighting fires for 30 years who know what needs to be done – just get on an do it. Nobody wants to see this carnage continue but one would imagine we are stuck with what we have for the rest of this summer anyway.

The country needs leadership now, not somebody hiding in the shadows of denialists who won’t know or see anything until their backsides start to burn.

Now some could legitimately say, “well they took what they were not going to do to the last election, and especially because of Queensland, who thought they were going to lose their jobs in coal mines or similar gave it their approval.

But can I ask this question if you’re a climate sceptic or not, or whether you believe man is responsible or not:  Show me anybody who doesn’t want a cleaner environment, fresher air cleaner water (and we are going to need more of that) better conservation and looking after the place we live and want our children and grandchildren to live.  Who doesn’t want that??

And if the decisions are considered and rolled out NOW, and planned for like that nice cup of tea it doesn’t have to negatively affect many at all. In comparison to waiting for the ceiling to fall in when it’s too late and the horse is way down the road.

If you reckon these fires have caused havoc, wait till we start completely running out of water –and in many areas of Australia that is already happening right now.

And anyway what happened to those timber workers who were employed in the forestry industry and then had to change to other careers – did the world cave in or did the sun stop shining.

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