The Flying Bushman is a non-fiction memoir of outback Australia, which the RM Williams Magazine confirms as “Raw & Real”.

Although the authors life has been filled with wreckage and  sadness, severe crashes, death, his mother’s Alzheimer’s, broken relationships, depression and much more he has found many treasures amongst it all, in “The Flying Bushman”, he has brought it all to life with humour, passion and vulnerability.
The book starts with the most defining moment, as a pilot  crashing  50 metres nearly to his death in a helicopter accident at the age of twenty eight, writing off the machine and nearly himself, in the majestic rich red Hamersley Ranges of Western Australia. Leaving neurosurgeons baffled if he could ever walk again or have children. But he certainly did, to buy and own Ballythunna Station for many years, his own Auction House and work in a large poultry farm business.

The crash however, is just one of the many riveting tales in this cracking yarn, with others being funny, poignant, or just simply dreadful.

For example, as a child, one hot summer day on a remote part of the property out alone with his father, while stock were dying around them his father finally reached his endpoint. Dad roughly pushed the gun to his temple. “One hand on the stock, the other on the trigger”

It is said as a firsthand account at this point, the second editor for the authors Publishing Company with 30 years’ experience in the editing and publishing industry, had to leave her desk in tears to recommence her duties some hours later with how she was affected by this chapter

It is superb, raw bush story telling with no pretences, but it is a yarn that will appeal to many, as Greg deals with everything that comes his way, with steadiness and resilience borne of the bush, in the area where the oldest rocks on the planet reside.

And in case it gets too hard for you, it is cleverly interwoven with a love story.


Greg has a deep love of the land and has real concern for the future of the regions and climate change. Greg moved to Perth in the late 90’s and worked in Real Estate, Sales and Marketing, New Business Development, his own Mining /Pastoral/ consultancy and Auction House to name some. He now travels the regions of WA continuing to write and working in various roles and keeping in touch with his 3 children and 2 grandchildren. Greg has a passion for the environment he grew up in and the challenges it faces for the future.

Growing up on the family property, Curbur, in outback Western Australia, Murchison country, Greg Keynes’ childhood seemed idyllic. Poignant memories of exploring with his dogs; hunting, working and joking with the local Yamatji people.

Breaking free from family ties as a young man, Greg began his own aerial mustering business and fell in love with Kim, a girl from Perth. Together their life was sweet, until one day, a routine muster in the rocky gorges of the Hamersley Range went horribly wrong.

Along the majestic blue ranges and scouring river beds of the Pilbara, The Flying Bushman is more than a story of memories in the outback, it’s a collective reminder of the true Australian Spirit with our resilience, courage and wild hearts that survive the harsh and at times unforgiving terrains that ultimately make us who we are.

The Flying Bushman is liberally illustrated with original photographs from Greg’s working life as a chopper pilot.

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