What will The Flying Bushman “blog” about ?

What am I going to ‘blog” about on the “Speakers’ Crack.” my blog site?

The name “Speaker’s Crack” comes from “Speakers Corner,” where individuals have an opportunity, an age-old tradition, to stand up on a stump and have their say. And people give them the respect to listen. I experienced seeing this in London in the mid-seventies while traveling through Europe and it struck a chord with me.

Go directly to www.theflyingbushman.com and then go to the blog page – “The Speaker’s Crack ”

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I want my blog to help make and contribute to my community and develop a better future and environment for my children and grandchildren. To help make the world a better place and perhaps stimulate people to consider how they can best contribute.

I think we all have a responsibility to “have a say” in our communities wherever/whatever that be.

It’s not about commenting on everything, but only commenting on those issues or events that you have had experience with or something worthwhile to contribute to the debate.

My blogs (accruing to at least one a week) will be designed to be:

  • Interesting
  • Help shape public discussion and debate
  • Raise questions and stimulate discussion at work in the lunchroom and the home.
  • Topics raised will be topical and varied and relevant to a wide range of readers
  • Relayed from direct and personal events experienced by the author that will hopefully relate to many groups and individuals.
  • Snippets of information and events that readers can consider over their daily toil and the proceedings that affect/impact on people.
  • Draw attention to events and experiences that need consideration for the public good

What do I want to achieve and what can I provide in my blog?

Now I know just enough –to know that I don’t know very much.

I’ve had five small businesses of my own over the years where I made a few bucks and lost a few.

So hopefully one has to pick up a few things along the way

Now bare in mind I’ve never blogged before officially.

However, trying to use those life experiences and business skills and from what I’ve read from other more experienced bloggers is that you want to develop interest, involvement, and readers coming back for more. Why, because they find your product appealing. So as somebody else also wisely said, you do what you do and get people who are interested in that material you write to come back to your blog – don’t go and chase the latest crazes or fads because it gets hits at the moment. Eventually, that will fade.

So I think the writing skills I have are (a) writing non-fiction bush stories and (b) life experiences that I can build on from everyday events/comments/ news articles /items of interest. That will give readers who share similar thinking an avenue to have input by way of reply and become more involved in the communication of the new millennia.

Now you can call me bias, but I firmly believe that a bush kid born and bred way out in that isolated Murchison bush environment develops specific common sense skills that are not so common anymore to a large group of our society. They may not have had that fortunate opportunity to make things happen in that difficult and challenging surroundings, with distance, area, and temperature to overcome amongst others. Hence we can endeavor to share these ways of being and to demonstrate how that life experience can be used as a tool to deal with the daily trials we all face.

I feel and I hope that The Flying Bushman will be able to develop a following of folks who are of average intelligence, common sense hard working people who want to make a positive difference and also be aware of what’s going on around them.

People like to hear/consider/weigh up other people’s points of view with their own and what they think –it’s what we do!

It’s how we learn and how we grow and develop our points of view

Now providing these articles of mine are entertaining enough and informative enough and at times slightly controversial, they will get a following of people who read them over their morning coffee or weeties.

So with that said, I’ll grab a few files from my documents and see if I can give you some examples of future blog headings in no particular order.

  • When is a lie – not a lie on the world stage?
  • Why not communicate with your partner
  • Crap at work
  • Forced to be a slave to the internet
  • 10 dollars doesn’t go very far poppie
  • People want to retire but haven’t enough to live on.
  • Elephants in the room
  • Bullying in the workplace
  • What is driving you?
  • Our genes in our kids
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff
  • Greed, selfishness and power
  • Concentrate on the things we can change and not on the

things we can’t.

  • What’s your definition of poor?


  • It may be something I saw on television or read about


  • I might throw in some firsthand experiences I have had recently or along the way and yet are still very relevant today
  • I can write /speak freely as an individual, unrestricted to express my feelings entirely as I wish but will be solely responsible for what I write.


As a published online author for some time I have had some experience with writing online and some of the book reviews I have received below support that:


Web source:


A lovely lady Georgie from Washington DC in the US emailed me recently saying:

And I quote: “I love how you write about what you see Greg. You make it all come alive. You have such talent”.

  • “Greg your stories are wonderful, it brought tears to these eyes. You have a wonderful writing gift” These short stories are done with deceptive “image painting”, done so well “through the eyes of a child, the smells, colours, and visuals are really very effective” “Painting pictures for us of things that most people have never seen/heard and a life that most cannot imagine, really fascinating”.
  • The true story of your “near death” experience as a child was “gripping” and very well crafted, – it pulls you in and you can’t put it down” “I could feel it all with “
  • “And the sheep driving the jeep ”

Now I do appreciate that a nonfiction book is not a blog.

However, as you can see for yourself; I write as I speak and speak as I write – I speak onto paper for you to read. Moreover, my grammar often reflects that as I often battle with Windows 10 spellcheck and Grammarly and I won’t apologize for that. I completely bamboozled Grammarly and spellcheck in the above example – speaking onto paper OMG!  That is not possible in the IT world.

The hairy armpit brigade will have to pull their hat down low on their brow and grit their teeth as they read my material and perhaps not be able to sleep at night. Ha, suck on it.

In my first nonfiction book/EBook “The Flying Bushman” available at  www.theflyingbushman.com you will note that outcome very clearly and my second book will be similar.

I remember what a wise author said to me once. If you don’t grab the reader’s attention in the first paragraph, you’ve lost your chance. That will apply to my blog as well because I am not a huge reader myself surprisingly enough as an author.

I am not one of those people who can roll up on the sofa all weekend and read a book from cover to cover. So when I read I need the writer to get to the point directly.  I’ve got too much to do to be in the fifth chapter and still debating about the colour (colour you notice not color?) of the bathroom tiles!

Probably just a poor excuse for my limited attention span! Ha.

Perhaps I may be able to give you enough confidence from my blog to stimulate you to do something about following you’re passion that gives you personal satisfaction.

I’m endeavoring, work permitting to be in your inbox weekly initially and will attempt to build on that in due course, should the blog get the backing I hope it will.

I look forward to your support and future comments so let’s get this party started.


The Flying Bushman.com –www.theflyingbushman.com

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